EM415 Pro Automotive Cable Wire Short Open Digital Finder Car Repair Tool Circuit Tester Tracer Diagnostic



EM415 Pro Automotive Cable Wire Short Open Digital Finder Car Repair Tool Circuit Tester Tracer Diagnostic DescriptionDescription:Tracing of wires is made possible even inside bundles, conduits, behind panels, under carpets, upholstery, etcEasy to use: simply connect the transmitter in series with the circuit or wire under test, (i.e.: in place of a blown fuse, across a connector,in series with an open wire, a light bulb socket, etc.), and scanning the circuit/wire with the tracers flexible probe to find the trouble spot42 V Ready: for use in the new generation of vehicles with mixed or single 42 Volt systemsOperates on DC voltages from 6 to 42 voltsInternally protected against power surges and overloads7″ flexible probe allows reaching wires in congested placesTransmitter and Receiver LEDs show open or short circuit conditionsAdjustable sensitivity for all tracing situationsNo wire piercing required, non-contact technology! HOW TO USE THE PROBE? The probe of the Receiver is built of coiled steel and may be bent as needed, in order to reach wires in ongested or difficult areas. Depending on the circuit characteristic and sensitivity settings, the probe will pick up the signal from the wire in a range of positions. However,for the best possible range the Receiver’s probe tip (black cap) should be positioned perpendicular (at 90o) to the wire being traced and either above or below it.APPLICATION: Checking for short circuit,Loating open circuit,Wire identification, Wire traceing,etc.Package Included:1 X Automotive Short and Open Finder1 X Instruction Manual

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