Handheld Digital Laser Point Distance Meter Tape Range Finder Measure 40m



Summary–This laser rangefinder uses laser technology to accurately, quickly, and easily measure distance, area, and volume. It has a wide range of 40m and could be accurate to millimeters. In addition, the instrument can indirectly measure the distance or length by using the pythagorean orientation.–The instrument also has various functions, including continuous measurement, plus/minus function and max/min measurement. Other main functions include 4 data memories, switchable units (meters, inches and feet) and a multi-line display backlit LCD. –The accuracy is 0.002 meters and positive and negative errors is about 2 mm. Battery polymer with 200 mA could measure 2000 times. You only need to charge it for half an hour.–This precise rangefinder can be used in homes, buildings, industries, homes, warehouses, etc.Handheld Digital Laser Point Distance Meter Tape Range Finder Measure 40m DescriptionProduct parament:
–Name: Distance Meter with a measuring range of 0.05-30/40m
–Color: black
  1:Pythagoras function for remote measuring of height or length
  2:Addition / Subtraction calculation and areaolume measurement
  3:Backlit display shows multiple readings.
  4: Audible alarm
–Laser auto off: 60s
–Power auto off: 60s
–Measuring distance: 0.05-80m
–Accuracy: ±1.5mm / ±0.06in
–Measurement units: m/in/ft
–Laser Type: Red laser, 635nm, <1mW, Class II
–Operating temperature: 0-40℃,(32-104℃)
–Battery: Powered by 200ah 3.7v
–Dimensions: 100mm*12.5mm*32mm
–Weight: 25g
–Packing list:
1*USB charging cable
1* rangefinder
colorful package Product Tags Laser

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