New 5 Line 6 Point Laser Level Line Auto High Brightness Self Leveling Master



New 5 Line 6 Point Laser Level Line Auto High Brightness Self Leveling Master DescriptionFeatures: 1. Laser level was widely used in construction, interior, and it has a function which can cast several laser lines to fix working lines as auto level and theodolite but more convenient.2. It sends laser lines to a place accurately, makes work progress more convenient, more time-saving , more labor-saving and assure of construction quality with higher precise.3. Laser level was widely used in construction units, such as carpentry, bricking-up, paint-working , electrician and it can be used in cutting and excavation.4. In degree3, instrument will auto compensate degree that make laser lines be fixed at right position constantly.5. Out of compensation range 3 degree, the instrument will warn you by twinkled (laser line).6. Magnetic-damping compensation system assure more fast leveling time.7. You can choose vertical line (4 vertical lines can make a cross above), horizontal line or let them work at the same time by pressing V/H buttons which located on control-pad.8. Please do not look straight at the laser beam, it will be better if you take protect goggle on.9. Please do not clean the machine with the organic solution. Specifications:

 1. Model: T52. Material: Metal3. Color: Black4. Laser wavelength: 635nm5. Accuracy: 7MÂ1mm6. Size: 21 x 16 x 24.5cm7. Power: DC3.3-5.5V/ 3 x Battery(NOT included)8. Horizontal Accuracy: 5MÂ1mm9. Vertical Accuracy: 5MÂ1mm10. Zienith Accuracy: 5MÂ1mm11. Working Time: 6Hours12. Working Temperature: -10ÂC ~ +45ÂC

Package Included:

1 x Laser Line
1 x Protective Goggle
1 x Power Cable
1 x Strip
1 x Manual
1 x Carrying Box

Detail Pictures:

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