New GM200A Digital Mini Film Thickness Gauge Automotive Car Coating Paint Thickness Gauge 0-1.8mm


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New GM200A Digital Mini Film Thickness Gauge Automotive Car Coating Paint Thickness Gauge 0-1.8mm Description
Description: This product is a portable coating thickness gauge,which can quickly, nondestructively, and accurately measure non-metallic coating thickness (such as paint, film, etc.) of metal substrate. It Is widely used in detection areas like manufacturing industry, Car washing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry, and commodity inspection. Features: 1. Measure coating thickness of metal substrate surface.2.Two modes: Car/User.3.Three measurement ways: single measurement, continuous measurement, difference value measurement.4.Three calibration functions: zero calibration, two-point calibration, and basic calibration.5. Metric unit and imperial unit.6. Auto power off.


Range: 0-1.8mm, 0-71mils 
Car mode resolution: 0.05mm/2mil
User mode resolution: 0.01mm/1mil
Accuracy: +/-0.1mm
Modes: Single & Continuous
Power supply: 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included) 
Dimensions: 62 x 30.5 x 105mm (2.44 x 1.20 x 4.13in)
Weight: 57.20g
Operation Temperature: 0~40â (+32~104â)
Operation humidity range: 10~95%RH

Operation Instruction:

1. Turn on

Short press power button to turn on the   instrument. After LCD full-screen display, model   information will show on the screen (indicator Car   appears under Car mode, no indicator appears under   User mode), then follows measurement interface.

2. Select mode

Long press MODE buttonunder   measurement interface to switch Car/User mode

3. Car mode

Car mode can be used without calibration,  which can measure coating thickness ofthree substrate   materials-iron, aluminum and zinc, suitable for  measuring the coating thickness of cars.

4. User mode

User mode requires calibration before   use, which can measure coating thickness ofsubstrate   material for calibration.

5. Auto power off

The instrument will power off automatically in two mins of no measurement, or in five mins after measurement.

6. Measurement of coating thickness
1). Press power button in the air to turn on the instrument, after LCD full-screen display follows a BI sound, which means that measurement state begins. Every time of power on is regarded as single measurement.
2). Press the probe lightly on the coated metal substrate, the instrument will

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