USB2.0 QC2.0 4-bit Tester Voltage Current Power Capacity Detector



USB2.0 QC2.0 4-bit Tester Voltage Current Power Capacity Detector DescriptionUSB2.0 Tester 4-bit Voltage Current Power Capacity Detector Support QC2.0Specication:This is the mini USB meter. It can measure voltage, current, power and capacity.It has three functions:Screen rotation,Power-down storage and Over-voltage and Under-voltage reminding.Technical Parameters:Physical size:  64 x 22 x 11mm (L*W* H, with shell version)  Voltage measurement range:    DC3.70 -13.0VVoltage accuracy:  ± (0.3% + 1words)Current measurement range:  DC 0.00-3.00ACurrent accuracy:  ± (0.5% + 2words)Power measurement range:  0-30.00WCapacity measurement range:  0-99999mAhFunction description:1. Screen rotation functionPress the button on the back, the display interface can rotate 180 degreefor being observed easily when you insert it into different side usb of the computer, and automatic memory for the next boot mode.2.Power-down storage functionWhen power off, the accumulated MAH will be automatically stored.The stored MAH is blinking displayed after the boot. When the new MAH is up to 1 MAH,the stored MAH will be covered, and thevalueswillstartover.Counting the capacity and efficiency of the mobile power supply battery:Ah data x output voltage ÷battery voltage ÷ efficiency = mobile power supply battery Ah (output voltage is typically 5V, the battery voltage is generally based on 3.7V, typically by 85-90% efficiency)3.Over-voltage and Under-voltage remindingWhen the voltage is over 5.3V (less than 4.7V), the arrow  () will be flashing.Paclage included:1 x tester Product Tags Voltage, Detector

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