6 Piece Bungee Set



6 Piece Bungee Set DescriptionIndoor, Outdoor, and in All Conditions The humble bungee: the unsung hero of the home, indoors and out. Bundler of lumber, windproofer of tarps, wrangler of loose groceries. It fastens. It secures. It connects. It does what you need it to, whether youre in the garage, the yard, the kitchen, the campground, or the car. And in this pack youre getting six of these puppies, all-season, all-purpose, and indispensable. Our bungees boast a quarter-inch thickness and hooks coated with scratch-resistant vinyl that wont mark furniture and equipment, and weve included three color-coded sizes that suit a wide variety of projects: 12″, 18″, and 24″.

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