AM1011A Analog Temperature and Humidity Sensor Long-term Stability



AM1011A Analog Temperature and Humidity Sensor Long-term Stability DescriptionSpecification:Model: AM1011A Analog Temperature and Humidity SensorSensor Type: Temperature and Humidity SensorHumidity range: 0%~99.9% RHHumidity measurement range: 99.9 (RH)Output Type: Analog VoltageHumidity accuracy: +-3% RHTemperature Accuracy: +-0.5¡æPower supply voltage: 5.0 (V)Power supply current: 0.001 (m) Description: AM1011A analog temperature and humidity module is a temperature and humidity sensor with calibrated analog signal output. The sensor signal adopts analog voltage output mode. This module has high precision, high reliability, good consistency, and temperature compensation to ensure long-term stability, convenient use and high cost performance, especially. It is suitable for enterprises with strict quality and cost requirements. Package Includes:1X AM1011A Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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