Highlight Green Vertical And Horizontal Cross-Line Laser Level360 Rotary With 5-Beam



Highlight Green Vertical And Horizontal Cross-Line Laser Level360 Rotary With 5-Beam Description360-DEGREE VERTICAL and 360-DEGREE HORIZONTAL LINE – The ultra bright 360-degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal green beams provides all-around leveling coverage;Accuracy: +-1mm,Indoor work range: 0-32ft,outdoor work range:98ft-163ft. MULTIFUNCTIONAL MODE – One button operation makes it easy to project lines together or independently (cross line, vertical and 360-degree horizontal). With our smart pendulum system, the pendulum locks when the level is switched off. Simply, hold the top button 2 seconds to start manual mode, letting you project lines in any position or angle. 2 SWITCHABLE FULL-TIME PULSE MODES – Default pulse mode is suitable for using indoor. For outdoor applications you can switch to a secondary mode which provides a darker laser beam allowing for better visibility in bright conditions. ROBUST AND DURABLE DESIGN ?C The Laser Level is both waterproof and sturdy to ensure that you can rely on it in any working conditions. Being protected by TPR soft rubber, makes our laser level shock resistant, wear resistant and impact resistant. Laser level is widely used in construction projects. The level has a scribe function same as previous laser level and theodolite. It can precisely project the laser line on the work objects. It makes the construction process more convenient, timesaving and less effort. At the same time it also can ensure the quality of construction with higher accuracy.
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