Industrial PH Test Pen Water Quality Detector Portable PH Meter



SummaryRange: 0. 0-14. 0pHResolution: 0. 1pHBatteries: 3×1. 5V(AG-13 Button Battery)Life:approx. 700hours of useEnvironment:0℃~50℃ (32°F-122°F)Industrial PH Test Pen Water Quality Detector Portable PH Meter Description 
Range: 0. 0-14. 0pH
Resolution: 0. 1pH
Accuracy: ±0. 1pH (at 20°C/68°F)
Typikal EMC DEV: ±0. 2pH
Batteries: 3×1. 5V(AG-13 Button Battery)
Life:approx. 700hours of use
Environment:0℃~50℃ (32°F-122°F)
Relative Humidity: <95%
Dimensions:about 150mmx29mmx20mm
Trimming:by potentiometer
Weight: about 47g
OperationRemove the protective cap
First rinse the electrode withdistilled water,and suck itwith filter-paper.
Turn on pH by "ON-OFF"switch located on the topof battery case .
Immerse the pH meter electrodein the solution to be tested.
Stir gently and wait for thereading to stabilize.
After use, Switch off pH,Use the distilled water cleanthe electrode and replace theprotective cap.
pH Calibration
1. Immerse the electrode in pH6. 86 (under the temperature of25℃) standard buffer solution ofphosphate,and gently shake theelectrode.
2. Regulate the trimmer with ascrewdriver until the buffersolution value corresponding tothe measurement temperature isobtained.
3. Immerse the electrode inpH4. 01 or pH9. 18 the standardbuffer solution of borax.
4. After about one minute, untilthe buffer solution valuecorresponding to themeasurement temperature isobtained.
The instruments pH range mustbe re-calibrated whenever.
The electrode has been used (laid)for long time from the last calibration.
The electrode has been usedin particularly taxing conditions.
The utmost accuracy is required. Product Tags Detector

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