Lazmin Mini LCD Digital Current Voltmeter Ammeter AC 80-260V 100A Voltage Watt Energy Panel Meter Tester + CT



SummaryCan measure voltage range of AC 80V-260V and current of 0-100A.The meter can only measure the active power(real power). It doesnt show Apparent power.Adopted STN whole viewing angle LCD, it can be clearly seen from 360 degree view.With overload alarm function, reset energy function, power alarm threshold preset function, etc.Store energy data when power off(can be reset). With split-core structure Current Transformer.Lazmin Mini LCD Digital Current Voltmeter Ammeter AC 80-260V 100A Voltage Watt Energy Panel Meter Tester + CT DescriptionSpecification: Brand: PEACEFAIR Model: PZEM-011 Working voltage: 80-260VAC Test voltage: 80-260VAC Test current: 0-100A Rated power: 22kW Operating frequency: 50-60Hz Measurement accuracy: 1.0 grade Weight: 137gFunction: Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, energy) Overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, backlight and power flashing to alarm). Power alarm threshold preset function (can set power alarm threshold). Reset energy function. Store data when power off. STN whole viewing angle LCD (display voltage, current, active power/energy at the same time) Backlight function.Display format: 1. Power: test range: 0-22kW within 1KW, the display format is 0.0-999.9W; 1KW and above, the display format is 1000-9999W; 10kw and above, the display format is 10.0-22.0kW. 2. Energy: test range: 0-9999kWh Within 10KWh, the display format is 0-9999Wh; 10kWh and above, the display format is 10-9999kWh; Over 9999kwh will return 0. 3. Voltage: test range: 80-260V Display format: 80-260V 4.Current: test range: 0-100A Display format: 0.00-99.99APrecautions: Â Â This module is suitable for indoor, please do not use outdoor. Â Â Wiring order cant be wrong. Â Â It cant be used for inverter. Â Package List: 1 x Digital Voltmeter 1 x Split-core Current Transformer
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