Loctite Super Glue Glass – 3ml | Glass-Bonding Glue



SummaryGive your beloved glass items a fix with this glass-bonding glueThis Loctite glass super glue is perfect for small DIY jobsComes in a 3ml tube with an easy-to-open, anti-clog capDries transparent for invisible bondsWater & dishwasher resistantLoctite Super Glue Glass – 3ml | Glass-Bonding Glue DescriptionSometimes accidents happen and our favourite items experience a little less love than theyre used to – but luckily, this Loctite glass glue is here to the rescue! Giving your precious wine glasses and beloved ornaments a new lease of life, it bonds glass to glass (or glass to metal) in seconds. 
Its cleverly triggered by sunlight and leaves a clear bond line that dries transparent, showing almost no evidence to the untrained eye – making the glass adhesive a a superb DIY fix for a whole range of household items. 
Water and dishwasher-resistant, it works particularly well as a super glue for glass with everyday use, but is equally suited to more special collector objects, too. Taking the pressure out of replacing broken articles or paying for professional repairs, its a brilliant glass-bonding glue to have on hand.

Resistant to water, detergents and dishwashers, making it perfect for everyday glassware
Triggered by UV rays in normal daylight for an instant bond
Leaves a clear bond line for a discreet fix
Suitable for glass to glass and glass to metal applications
3ml tube of Loctite glass adhesive with self-piercing, anti-clog cap

Loctite glass super glue suitable for: Glass, Crystal, Tinted glass, Glass works, Opaque glass, Blown glass

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