New 1inch Digital Oval Gear Turbine Flow Meter Kerosene Fuel Flow Meter 15-120L/Min



New 1inch Digital Oval Gear Turbine Flow Meter Kerosene Fuel Flow Meter 15-120L/Min DescriptionFeatures:

 – Modular design makes it suitable for use with output modules, sensors and remote transmitters.- The use of advanced ultra-low power PIC microcontroller developed as the core, is the integration of display and integration of new intelligent instruments.- Multi-point coefficient correction function, a variety of output signal options.- Compact structure, intuitive clear reading, high reliability, free from external power interference, anti-lightning and other characteristics.- High-definition displays show both instantaneous and cumulative flow.- Easy to replace internal components, easy maintenance, lightweight, compact design easy to install.- Can be widely used in petroleum, medicine, transportation and commerce. Specification:

 Material: Aluminium alloyMedium: Diesel, urea, kerosene, gasolineImport-Export: 1”Repeatability:± 0.5%Measurement accuracy: ± 1%Maximum working pressure: 20BAROperating voltage: 2.3-3.3VStandby time: 1 yearFlow range: 15-120L/MinSingle count: 0.00-9999.9Total cumulative count: 0-99999Error Coefficient: 0.1000-9.9999Unit of measurement: L / GAL / PTS / QTSOperating temperature: -10 ° C to 60 ° C (14 ° F to 140 ° F)Battery Specifications: LRO3 x 2 (AAA Size)

Control panel Color:Red
Sizes: About 10.5 x 6 x 5cm

 Battery and maintenance:

 1. When the battery voltage is too low, LED display in the bottom of the 1bat appears to replace the battery (the user is recommended to replace the battery every year, once a year to check the battery electrode).2. If there is corrosion should be promptly removed, a long time without the use of flow meter, the battery should be removed. Product Setting Method:1. Error coefficient and unit setting- Press the CALIBRATE button for 6 seconds in standby mode, the current coefficient and unit will be displayed, and flashingEnter manual coefficient setting and unit conversion setting- Press the DISPLAY button first to select the digit or unit to be set, and then press the CALIBRATE button to change the digit or unit(Note: The coefficient is set by the coefficient increases the actual number of the actual oil, the coefficient becomes smaller the actual increase in oil)

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