New Contour Gauge Duplicator with Lock, OUTERDO Widen Profile Gauge, Tightness Adjustable Irregular Shape Duplication Outline Measuring for



New Contour Gauge Duplicator with Lock, OUTERDO Widen Profile Gauge, Tightness Adjustable Irregular Shape Duplication Outline Measuring for DescriptionFeatures:
âïãAdjust tightness for STABLE traceãThe tightnees of our profile gauge is adjustable. You can use included allen key to adjust the pins tightness. With no gap profile gauge, you can mark the contour easily and get clear&stable shape duplication.âïãLocking feature for PRECISE duplicationãOnce object has been contoured, lock contour shape in place for perfect trace every time. This locking mechanism can quickly copy any contour shape precisely.âïãWider duplicator suits MANY irregular shapesãCompare to old, narrow model, this wider duplicator(2.5 depth)suits for many irregular shapes. Works well in copying the shape of moldings or match cut outs. Widely used in carpentry and constructions areas.âïãPREMIUM material & portableãIts made by durable ABS plastic. Large 10 for big shapes and 5 angle gauge to copy smaller objects shapes more precisely: Useful tools to operate all kinds of modelling.The movement of the pins is really flexible making measuring and cutting.The contour gauge is made of high quality ABS plastic, high strength, rustproof and durable.âïãEASY to useãOur contour can be used to measure the shape of irregular objectsï¼instant template for marking precise tile cuts .You just press the contour gauge on one of the shapes.Trim outline and cut into shape.
OUTERDO 5â& 10 Widen Shape Contour Gauge can duplicate any shape instantly.This profile gauge creates an instant template for curved and odd shaped profiles simply and easily. Never transfer profiles to paper or cardboard again.The contour gauge makes measuring and cutting easy.(2 pcs)
â…ADJUSTABLE There is a tool in the product packaging, Adjust the appropriate tightness.â…LOCKING Once object has been contoured, lock contour gauge teeth in place for perfect traces every time.â…WIDEN The width of the OUTERDO contour gauge reaches 5.9inch, while the width of the ordinary contour gauge is 3.93inch.â…HIGH QUALITY OUTERDO contour gauge is made of high quality ABS plastic and metal, high strength, rustproof and durable.
â…HOW To Use OUTEDO Contour Gauge ?The OUTERDO contour gauge is ideal for measuring moldings for reproduction, duplicating spindles on the lathe, fitting flooring around moldings, copying curves and a variety of other contour matching jobs around the home and shop.
Product weight; 734 gProduct size: 3.94 x 4.33 x 3.94 cmMaterial: Plastic
Package includes: 2 X Contour Gauge Duplicator 
Details pictures:

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