Underground Cable Locator,Detection of Wall and Underground Cables



SummaryDetecting cables, electrical lines-water/gas supply pipelines buried in wall or earthDetecting interruptions and short circuit in cables and electrical lines buried in wall or earthDetecting fuses and assigning current circuits.Both transmitter and receiver display power level, code, battery, detected voltage type and value, and high-voltage alert.Transmitter built in DC/AC voltage meter for linear measurement of 12-400V DC/AC voltageUnderground Cable Locator,Detection of Wall and Underground Cables DescriptionNF-826 Cable Locator is a portable instrument consisting of a transmitter, a receiver and some accessories. With advanced integrated parts and digital circuit technologies, it is characterized by highly stable and reliable electrical performance. With this Cable Locator to effectively assist users to locate and detect cables, you no longer need to take your chance.

Features :
1. The Transmitter has the function of self-inspection to detect its own working status and to display it on the LCD screen for users reference.
2. The sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted either manually or automatically.
3. The receiver can sweep frequency automatically.
4. Both the transmitter and the receiver can work under mute mode.
5. Additional transmitters are available to extende or distinguish multiple signals.
6. Compactness-durability and portability.
7. Auto power off within 10 minutes.
8. Flashlight Function.
9. Backlight Function.
10. Mute Function.

Installation and maintenance of weak current system, communication line, comprehensive wiring circuit, telephone system, computer network, other metal wire circuit etc.


Output signal:125KHz
Voltage measurement range: 12V-400V (AC / DC)
Voltages dielectric strength: Max. 400V AC/DC

Cable Depth Measurement : 0~2.5m, the depth of tracking depends on the material and specific applications.
Grid voltage identification: about 0-0.4m

Work Environment:Transmitter:0~40℃; Receiver:0~40℃
Storage Temperature: Transimiter:-20℃~60°c; Receiver:-20℃~60℃
Relative hamidity(no condensation):Transmitter Maximum:80%; Receiver Maximum:80%
Measuring Height: Transmitter Maximum:2000m; Receiver Maximum:2000m

Package List:
1*user Manual
2*Alligator Clips (black, red)
2*Test Leads (black, red)
1*Grounding rod

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